Photo Paint: touch the screen to paint from camera image


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PHOTO Paint Android Version

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What is it?

An App that allows you to use your smartphone in a new way!
Imagine a standard looking camera app screen, but with PhotoPaint, you touch the screen to make a mini-picture with the camera image just where you touched (size of mini-picture controllable). Many other creative control options are available to instantly make collages, art, or special effects photography. Another mode allows you to touch and drag from one corner to the other to make rectangles filled with the camera image. There are also Effects you can turn on the camera to make the image different.

This is a free app with plenty of built-in free features, so download it and start making art! There are also In-App Purchases with additional features for more control, Photo-Paintbrushes, FX, Backgrounds, Framing, and Templating options. Plenty can be done with the free features but having some paid features will allow the program to grow and develop further.

Help Fund Photo Paint!

We have started a Funding Campaign to further development of this project. Find Photo Paint on GoFundMe to help get this project growing. Various fun perk levels - You can suggest new features and help make everyday art a reality.

Here's a sample of art created with PhotoPaint

Samples of what you can do with PHOTOPaint


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What was the inspiration for this App?

by Joel Reinke

I am a painter and a photographer. Sometimes a photo does not capture the true emotion or energy of the subject. Often times, I do not have time to paint something and capture the energy and spirit of a lively subject. I thought of making my Smartphone bridge this gap and create a way to capture things as they happen, in a more artistic way. This is PHOTO Paint. A modern plein-air method. Use this app, create your own art!

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